Too hot?  With these air conditioners you can keep a cool head while gambling

Too hot? With these air conditioners you can keep a cool head while gambling

Not only the shadows live in the land of Mordor, but also one or the other lava flow. They have a good 1,200 degrees Celsius and so we can only imagine how much Frodo and Sam must have sweated. This is what the office or home feels like for some of us, when temperatures rise in summer. Especially in attic apartments you quickly feel like you are in a Finnish sauna.

So that no hobbits appear at your place to throw a ring in the sink, we’ll show you a few here air conditioners on salethat make summer bearable.

A real air conditioner for your home: The Suntec Progress ECO for only €434.99

There’s also water cooling for you

The Jung TVE25 air conditioner makes the start water cooling it is a 56 centimeter tower fan that lowers the room temperature with the help of evaporative cooling. It is particularly energy-saving and a Operating hour costs you only 2 to 5 cents (even with current electricity prices).

It can be operated either very easily using the buttons on the top or the supplied remote control. You can set a timer to save electricity. The low volume is also worth mentioning: it is included only 60 decibels on the highest level! For comparison, a typical bedroom is around 35 dBA at night.

Coolness for at home: The Jung TVE25 for only €119.95 at Saturn

Excellent cooling effect and dehumidification

The I@Home 3in1 R290HP air conditioner is one class higher. In addition to an increase in output of around 25% compared to the Jung model, this mobile air conditioner comes with a few Additional functions in terms of control, setting or programming options. In addition to cooling, the i@Home can also dehumidify air, which can be an enormous relief for mind and body, especially in the muggy summer heat. One would be surprised how much water is drawn out of the room air!

It is also important that the Filters are easy to clean and replace, so that you have something of the device for a long time. Thanks to the large air inlet grilles and the increased performance, the device can circulate the room air within a very short time, so that you can new freshness at home have.

Buy the i@home 3in1 air conditioner for just €239.99 from Saturn

The professional cools down to 16 degrees

The Suntec Progress 7,000 ECO R290 is a complete air conditioner with exhaust hose and window adapter for excellent cooling performance on hot days. He has a LED display for programming and displaying the temperature, also a remote control and a drain for any waste water.

This candidate too dehumidifies and purifies the air during cooling and manages to circulate a total of 320 cubic meters of air within an hour. In silent mode, it only reaches 55 decibels, which roughly corresponds to the meditative volume of light rain. You can also use large rooms with the Suntec with up to 60 m² keep cool at all times.

Buy the Suntec Progress 7000 ECO from Saturn for just €434.99

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