Trump news today: Jared Kushner praised by panel Jan 6 as Truth Social downloads plummet

Trump urges Putin to unleash dirt on Biden family

Donald Trump’s son-in-law and former White House adviser Jared Kushner has appeared virtually before the House Special Committee investigating the Jan. 6 riots in the Capitol. His testimony is said to have been “really valuable”.

The meeting comes because White House records provided to the committee by the National Archives and Records Administration do not show any calls Mr. Trump made or received through the White House switchboard for eight hours that day. The panel is now investigating whether Mr Trump or his advisers used untraceable “burner phones” to bypass official recording systems.

Meanwhile, Trump’s bespoke social media platform Truth Social is reportedly in poor shape with downloads down 93 percent and user engagement low. The platform has been promoted as a censorship-free environment for its supporters to meet free from “big tech” sanctions, but the president has yet to post on it and is said to have complained to his advisors about his troubles.

In other news, the former president has invited controversial Congressman Madison Cawthorn to speak at his upcoming rally in the congressman’s home state of North Carolina, despite his recent admonition by party leadership for comments about cocaine and orgies.

Finally, thanks to reggae singer Eddy Grant, Mr Trump could face a day in court as the investigation phase of a copyright infringement lawsuit is extended. The former president failed to get the case dismissed.


Marjorie Taylor Greene promises a federal “Don’t Say Gay” law

Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene yesterday spoke with notoriously extreme and unpredictable right-wing opinion leader Alex Jones and vowed to begin work on a federal version of Florida’s highly controversial “Don’t Say Gay” legislation.

It’s not surprising what’s coming from Ms. Greene. As Josh Marcus reports:

Oliver O’ConnellApril 1, 2022 10:35 p.m


New footage shows MAGA activist Ginni Thomas “debunking” the self-help cult in the 1980s.

Newly unearthed footage shows controversial MAGA activist Ginni Thomas denouncing a “cult” she escaped from in the 1980s.

Ms Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, says she wants to “debunk” Lifespring, a long-defunct support group, in a video posted to Twitter by cult expert Steven Hassan.

Former Lifespring members say the for-profit self-esteem organization has used “deceptive and indirect techniques of persuasion and control.”

Oliver O’ConnellApril 1, 2022 21:55


Cawthorn speaks at Trump rally in North Carolina

In case you were wondering where Donald Trump stood in the series of scandals involving Congressman Madison Cawthorn, he invited him to speak at a rally in Salem, North Carolina on April 9th.

Oliver O’ConnellApril 1, 2022 21:10


Trump threatens a day in court… over reggae singer Eddy Grant?

Donald Trump will reportedly take oath after reggae singer Eddy Grant agreed to extend the investigation phase of a lawsuit against the former US President.

Grant, whose hit song “Electric Avenue” was used by Mr. Trump during his 2020 campaign, had filed the copyright infringement lawsuit in September 2020.

Mr Trump failed to dismiss the case last year and both sides had been trying to reach a settlement during the investigation phase of the lawsuit.

Oliver O’ConnellApril 1, 2022 8:50 p.m


Pence returns to Iowa and appears on NH radio

Former Vice President Mike Pence will speak at a dinner in Iowa on April 23 hosted by the Story County Republican Party.

Given the Iowa caucus’s role in selecting a party’s nominee and having appeared on the radio in New Hampshire, traditionally the first state in the primary, a 2024 presidential run seems increasingly likely.

Oliver O’ConnellApril 1, 2022 8:30 p.m


Madison Cawthorn speaks at Trump rally

Donald Trump is joined by Madison Cawthorn at his congressman’s rally April 9 in the state of North Carolina.

Oliver O’ConnellApril 1, 2022 20:05


The January 6 committee again calls for Navarro to testify

The Jan. 6 House Select Committee tweeted the contents of a text to former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows that mentioned Peter Navarro.

The text reads, in part, “I have details of the call Navarro co-called…to delay certification…including the fact that the President attended…”

The committee then says, “Peter Navarro needs to speak to the Select Committee about his role in trying to overturn the election.”

Oliver O’ConnellApril 1, 2022 7:45 p.m


The anti-corruption activist feared Trump would hand him over to Putin

American-born ex-hedge fund manager Bill Browder says he fears being handed over to Russian authorities by then-US President Donald Trump after Russian President Vladimir Putin made a bizarre exchange proposal during his infamous 2018 summit in Helsinki, Finland of interrogations.

Oliver O’ConnellApril 1, 2022 7:25 p.m


Citizens United to screen election conspiracy film in Mar-a-Lago

Next week, Citizens United is hosting a private screening of a 2020 conspiracy theory film with Donald Trump in Mar-a-Lago.

They will be shown on Tuesday Manipulated: The Zuckerberg-funded plan to defeat Donald Trump.

Unfortunately, the RSVP deadline was March 24, per invitation from CNN host Jim Acosta.

Oliver O’ConnellApril 1, 2022 7:00 p.m


Will Trump be indicted for January 6th?

The Senate acquitted former President Donald Trump last year of inciting a riot in the Capitol. But neither Trump nor any of his top advisers have been charged in court over the attack, and it’s uncertain if they ever will.

But increasingly lawmakers on the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack are urging Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate Trump and his associates. They have laid out possible crimes and openly discussed others in at least one court filing, all related to the violent attack by Trump supporters that day to disrupt Congress’ formal confirmation of his re-election defeat.

Here’s a look at some of the proposed crimes floated by the House Panel:

Oliver O’ConnellApril 1, 2022 6:30 p.m

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