Trump tells his supporter at the Mar-a-Lago fundraiser that he doesn’t look gay

Donald Trump told someone in the crowd at a fundraiser Wednesday night in Mar-a-Lago, “You don’t look gay.”

The comments during an event for Republican congressional candidate and former Trump administration Department of Housing and Urban Development official John Gibbs came after someone shouted, “Gays for Trump!”

The former president responded with, “You don’t look gay… We’ve done great with the gay community.”

The crowd laughed at the President’s remarks.

The comments come the same week that Florida’s GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law the state’s controversial “Don’t Say Gay” law, which blocks teaching about sexual orientation and gender identity.

The former president’s son has supported the law.

“There is no ‘don’t say gay’ law, but given all the insane sexualization of our children’s propaganda I’m seeing, maybe we need a ‘don’t nurse our kids’ law,” Donald Trump Jr. said on March 15. “If the Left has to teach these things to toddlers, there are few other rationale explanations, and parents must push back now!”

Despite the former president’s claims, experts say Donald Trump has been one of the worst White Houses in modern history for LGBTQ rights.

Mr Trump opposed the Equality Act, which would have amended the Civil Rights Act to make discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation and gender identity illegal.

He also appointed scores of judges skeptical of LGTBQ rights, banned transgender service in the military, and rolled back Obama-era Title IX policies that required universities to take specific steps to address sexual violence investigate the campus.

Like most Republican candidates, Mr. Trump was elected with only minority LGBTQ support.

That’s what the Associated Press found out 73 percent of LGBTQ voters voted for Joe Biden.

Mr Trump has made other harsh comments about gays in recent days, telling a podcast that he likes to play “YMCA” by the Village People at his events and when he DJs at Mar-a-Lago because it’s the “gay national anthem.” is.

“‘YMCA’, the gay national anthem, have you ever heard that? You call it the gay national anthem?” he told him Full Tilt podcast. “’YMCA’ gets people on their feet and gets them moving. We have a lot of good choices and people love it when I make it.”

The Village People have dubbed Donald Trump “bully‘ and asked him to stop using the song.

“I don’t support Trump, I’ve never supported Trump, nor the Village People,” said Victor Willis, the band’s co-founder said Pitchfork. When a presenter asked Willis what he thought of Trump’s dancing, Willis laughed and said, “Donald Trump does what Donald Trump does. I’ve never seen him actually put his hands up and do the YMCA. He changed it to MAGA or something.”

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