‘Truth prevails’ after prosecutor orders texts to be published

Former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens (R), a current US Senate candidate, told Breitbart News that “truth prevails” a day after the Missouri Supreme Court ordered prosecutors in his case to change theirs Release communications records with billionaire Democratic mega-donor George Soros.


Breitbart News Saturday Host Matthew Boyle interviewed Greits and the two discussed the latest developments in Greits’ campaign for the US Senate.

Greitens opened the interview, speaking about the Missouri Supreme Court’s decision on Friday that Soros-funded prosecutor Kimberly Gardner must release communications between her and Soros within 30 days. Greitens said Gardner’s investigation into him in 2018 only began because he successfully defeated Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA rioters when they came to Missouri.

Greitens said:

When Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA came to Missouri, we defeated them and we showed George Soros and we showed the left that they can be defeated. And what we know now is right after that, that George Soros-funded prosecutor you just mentioned, Kim Gardner — she hired a corrupt former FBI agent to set up a bogus case against me.

We’re getting to the bottom of this, Matt, and better yet, she’s facing disciplinary action on Monday for over seventy counts of perjury to start a case against me. The bottom line for all of your listeners is that truth ultimately prevails. Matt, because of your courage and the courage of others who are willing to fight for the truth.

Boyle noted that the establishment had a deep contempt for Greit’s candidacy, citing reports that Karl Rove knew in advance of recent allegations against him by Greit’s ex-wife as proof of that fact.

Greitens acknowledges that the establishment hates him for standing up to the “Soros machine,” Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), and other RINOs in office.

“Exactly right, Matthew. They hate me because I stand up and fight for the people of Missouri,” he said. “And I stand up and fight not only the Soros machine, but also Mitch McConnell and all the RINOs who have continually stabbed the American people in the back.”

“I was proud to be the first candidate in the country to come out and say I will be voting against Mitch McConnell when I am elected to the United States Senate. We need a strong new America First leadership in the US Senate,” Greitens said.

“And so, of course, to no one’s surprise, Karl Rove and political activists met in Washington, DC, for another series of Complete, the very week that I’m on spring break with my boys for eight days launch False claims that have already been refuted.”

“The reason they’re against me, Matt, is because when I’m in the US Senate, we get to the bottom of the truth,” Greitens continued. He vowed that if elected to the Senate, he would “hold hearings into the collusion between media organizations, Democrats, Big Tech and RINOs who intentionally suppressed information on Hunter Biden’s laptop.”

Greitens also called for Senate hearings on the infamous Steele dossier:

When I’m in the US Senate, we’re actually going to fight for patriots. We will indeed fight for the America First agenda. We’re going to get to the bottom of election integrity. The fact that we have fully debunked the Trump-Russia collusion hoax. We haven’t had any hearings yet. We should hold hearings in the US Senate to find out what Hillary Clinton did with the Steele dossier. Get to the bottom of Hillary Clinton, how she spied on the Trump campaign, all this effort to spy on President Trump in office, and we need to bring the people to justice.

After Boyle noted that the other Republican candidates in the Missouri Senate race refused to say whether they would support Mitch McConnell, Greitens said, “I am America First’s candidate in this race.”

“I’m the one who had the back of the American people on January 6th regarding the integrity of the election; I’m the only one who went to the Maricopa County audits twice,” he said. “The only one who went to the Mexican side of the border to expose the hypocrisy and devastation of Joe Biden’s border policies.”

Greitens also announced his support of people closely associated with former President Donald Trump, including Kimberly Guilfoyle, Sebastian Gorka, Rudy Giuliani and Steve Cortes.

Greitens ended the interview by calling out Mitch McConnell’s inability to “stand up and fight” against Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination and her “absolutely horrific” record of child sex offenders.

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