Twitch streamer Shroud reveals he has no idea where his Gamer of the Year streamer award is

Two weeks ago, the Streamer Awards held their inaugural event, the first of what is expected to be an annual awards ceremony. It was seen by hundreds of thousands of people and featured Major Pull out and YouTube streamers and content creators from across the web. However, Twitch streamer Shorud, winner of the Streamer Awards for the Gamer of the Year award, feels like the event might not have happened at all.

“That’s going to be a terrible question, okay?” That’s how Shroud framed the start of a conversation he was having with his Twitch chat about the Streamer Awards. He would then ask, “Was there an actual award?” To be clear, he really didn’t know if the Streamer Awards had an actual award for the winners or not. He wasn’t at all sure what the event really was.


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Shroud clarified that not only did he not attend the Streamer Awards, as viewers already understood, but he didn’t watch the event at all and instead chose to play more Lost Ark and other games. He later clarified that he had necessarily been invited to the Streamer Awards and had planned to attend. However, leading up to the event, he felt “pain” as he debated whether or not to go. He would later agree that fear would be an appropriate way to describe what he was feeling.

As if to prove how unsettled Shroud was by the situation, he would ask his Twitch chat if there was an award: “Who received the award?” In fact, it was Shroud’s partner Bnans who attended the event for him and accepted its Game of the Year award. Shroud’s fear apparently not only caused him not to watch the event, but distanced himself from the situation, not realizing his partner was attending for him instead. Being able to stay home and play games is probably just what Shroud needed given his fear of making a big public appearance.

The good news is that Shroud received an award for winning the Player of the Year category. Although he may not have attended, Bnans did and accepted his award on his behalf. It’s not clear if the award winners took home their awards. Sometimes award ceremonies prefer to send them by post afterwards. It’s also possible that Shroud’s The Streamer Awards Peepo Award is already somewhere in his own house.

Shroud’s comments on the Streamer Awards provide an interesting insight into the person behind the computer and the pressures streamers face, even when they’re as incredibly successful as Shroud. While he may be a bit aloof, Shroud, like many others, struggles with social anxiety. He’s only on display Pull out also full time.

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