Twitter confirms it’s considering adding an edit button

Twitter confirmed on Tuesday that the social media site is looking into adding an edit button. The company said it has been working on it since last year.

“We start testing inside @TwitterBlue Labs in the coming months to learn what works, what doesn’t, and what’s possible,” a tweet by the social media site communications team.

According to a video from the account, the “Edit” button would appear in the drop-down menu of an already published tweet, next to the “Delete” and “Pin” buttons.

On April 1st, which just so happens to be April Fools’ Day, the official Twitter account tweeted, “We’re working on an edit button.” The communications team’s account retweeted it on Tuesday, adding: “ps: we weren’t kidding.”

So does Jay Sullivan, Head of Consumer Product at Twitter tweeted Tuesday about the possible change.

“Editing has been the most requested Twitter feature for many years,” he said. “People want to be able to fix (sometimes embarrassing) mistakes, typos and hot takes in the moment. They currently work around this by deleting and retweeting.”

Sullivan warnedthat “the edit could be misused to alter the recording of the public conversation,” and Twitter’s goal is to protect “the integrity of this public conversation.”

“As such, it will take some time and we will actively seek input and opposing thinking before we start Edit,” he said wrote. “We will approach this feature with care and deliberation and will share updates as we proceed.”

The announcement comes a day after Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed he owns a 9.2% stake in Twitter — making him the largest shareholder on the social media site — and tweeted Conduct a poll asking if users would like an edit button. The Twitter Comm account wrote Tuesday that its decision was not based on the poll, but earlier Tuesday it was announced that Musk would join the board of the social media company.

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, who stepped down from his role as the company’s CEO in November 2021, has not commented publicly on the proposed edit button divided his support for Musk’s entry to the board. “I am very excited to have Elon join the Twitter board! He cares deeply about our world and Twitter’s role in it.”

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