Ukraine’s Zelensky warns that the situation in Borodyanka is “significantly more dire” than in Bucha

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy has warned that the situation in the city of Borodyanka is “significantly more dire” than in nearby Bucha.

As the country braced for fresh attacks in the east, the nation’s leader issued a new and stark warning to the populace in an update.

He said the situation in the town of Borodyanka, some 50 miles northwest of Kyvi, may have suffered an even worse fate than Bucha, which has been the focus of the international outcry. Numerous atrocities were uncovered after the withdrawal of Russian troops.

He said the situation in Borodyanka, some 15 miles from Bucha, was “distinctly more dire”.

Such an assessment would be consistent with claims made by the BBC and other visiting media outlets in recent days.

On Wednesday, the BBC’s Jeremy Bowen wrote that Borodyanka suffered the most damage of the few towns north-west of the capital, including Bucha and Irpin.

“The destruction in the center of Borodyanka is the worst for its size that I have seen in any city around Kyiv, including Irpin and Bucha, which has been the subject of much fighting,” he said.

“There is massive damage down the main road from the roundabout at the entrance to the town. Destroyed and burned buildings, houses reduced to rubble, warped wrecked cars and more collapsed buildings.”

He added: “Borodyanka, which is not far from the border with Belarus and was on the main axis of the Russian advance towards Kyiv, came under very heavy shelling.

“It’s not the kind of shelling that happens in a few bombings. That needs application.”

Wladimir Klitschko calls Bucha murders “genocide of the Ukrainian population”

Meanwhile, National Public Radio, whose reporters also visited the city, said “almost every building along this city’s main thoroughfare is damaged or destroyed: shops, homes, pharmacies, banks, all with blackened walls and blown-out windows.”

The developments will deeply concern all those following the evolving situation in Ukraine, after the withdrawal of Russian forces from the Kyiv area enabled the discovery of numerous bodies that had been shot or burned. Mr. Zelensky and other world leaders have labeled the killings as war crimes.

Russia has denied the claims, saying instead that Ukrainian forces carried out killings to make Moscow look bad.

Cemetery workers unload bodies of killed civilians from a van at the Bucha cemetery

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