Valve describes what’s in store for the steam deck

A month later, Valve describes what it has accomplished and what’s next for the Steam Deck.

Steam Deck 2 may offer 4K resolution

Steam Deck 2 may offer 4K resolution

A month after the Steam Deck launch, Valve published a blog post commemorating the things the console and development team have accomplished since then. The biggest achievement that Valve wanted to highlight was that over 2000 games were deemed verified or playable on the console.

“It’s been exciting to see the variety of games the community has been playing – new or old, big or small, every genre – it seems like players on deck had a blast,” the blog post reads. We’ll keep loading the Steam catalog and can’t wait to share the next big milestone here. We also listen closely to customer feedback in this area as we want to ensure the Deck Verified program is doing its job.”


To streamline the feedback process, Valve introduced a feedback feature that asks players if they’re okay with a given game’s verified status.

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Anti-cheat is another area that Steam Deck developers have put a lot of work into. The console supports two of the biggest anti-cheat softwares – BattlEye and Easy Anti-Cheat, making it easier and more player-friendly to run large multiplayer games like Apex Legends. However, the same processes have caused a number of Microsoft games to fail to run on the console. The changes must come from the side of the game developers, which the company says will be handled by the developers in their own time.

In terms of other improvements, Valve made dual trackpad input available, made the Game Mode keyboard available in Desktop mode, and introduced a number of new keyboard themes. If you’re looking to maximize battery life, the team also introduced TDP (processor performance), GPU clock control, and FSR (screen scaling) settings.

“Our goal remains to find ways to improve your experience on Steam Deck, and that means we’ll continue to listen to your feedback,” the blog post added. Please contact us on the forums and if you’re having trouble with your Steam deck, don’t hesitate to report the bug.”

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