Warzone players want Verdansk to return with Caldera changes

Call of Duty: Warzone players are once again pushing for the return of Verdansk, although they’d like to see it use some new mechanics.


Since Call of Duty: Warzone moved to Caldera, fans are pushing for the return from Verdansk. However, Raven makes major improvements Call of Duty: Warzone In Season 2, Verdansk’s requests aren’t as easy as they used to be.

Obviously the biggest attraction of Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2 is Rebirth Island Reinforced. Released as part of the Midseason Update, this updated version of the small map brings many positive changes to the experience. New Easter eggs, a fresh aesthetic, and additional points of interest came together to make for a different experience that many enjoy. Since the spawn rate of Juggernauts has also been drastically reduced, the only downside to the map has been addressed.


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Since Rebirth Island Reinforced is such a smash hit, Reddit user asked semper_crayons Call of Duty: Warzone fanbase whether they prefer the original version of Verdansk or the current playlists. With Verdansk’s major downside being that it would be the original Modern Warfare version without Rebirth Island, this seems like a tough choice. Finally, fans would trade two maps for one, with the current playlists including Caldera as well as the new and improved Rebirth Island. However, the love for Verdansk quickly made itself felt again, with the comments section filled with love for the map.

Reddit user Tylus0 states that while they love this version of Rebirth Island, they’d give it up in a heartbeat for a version of Verdansk “with a working anti-cheat.” This is an understandable suggestion as later in the Verdansk life cycle the game became borderline unplayable due to the sheer number of hackers. Since Ricochet Anti-Cheat falls alongside the divisive Caldera map, this Redditor and many others would clearly like to see this system paired with Verdansk for a smoother experience.

Another commenter, rocketspeed14, suggested that Caldera’s best features should be incorporated into Verdansk should it return. While Caldera is still a long way from Verdansk’s popularity, most agree that the changes made in Season 2 have made the map far better. In particular, placing balloons again improves traversal and opens up several new possibilities, adding another layer to the gameplay. Furthermore, Call of Duty: Warzone Now has larger health pools, with Operators able to take more damage before going down – something players in Verdansk have always wanted due to its fast TTK.

While some players clearly want to see an improved version of Verdansk when it returns, a large majority of the comment sections are choosing the original map over the current playlists. Though Rebirth has its fans and Caldera is improving, Verdansk’s fan base has once again proven to be incredibly loyal.

Call of Duty: Warzone is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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