"What are you laughing at?" - Bark Sedov
“What are you laughing at?”

“What are you laughing at?”

“What are you laughing at?”

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Pop star Stefan Mross on
“What are you laughing at?” Stefan Mross wanted to know from his audience after the roar of laughter reached his ear from the ranks and interrupted him (photo montage) © Screenshot/ARD/Immer wieder Sundays

During “Always Again on Sundays” the Zillertaler Haderlumpen were just talking about their farewell to the music scene when loud laughter penetrated the stage. Stefan Mross reacted briefly confused. The perplexed-looking hit star himself didn’t quite understand what had happened.

Rust – Because “Immer wieder Sundays” (all news about the hit show with Stefan Mross) is regularly recorded in front of a live audience, it can happen here and there that you even get a glimpse of the atmosphere within the audience at Europapark Rust in front of your home television screen. This also applies to Stefan Mross’ conversation with the Zillertaler Haderlumpen, who have now announced their end after 35 successful career years. Instead of showing the pain of parting, there was suddenly loud laughter in the ranks – that also confused the hit moderator!

Zillertaler Haderragen say goodbye to “Always Sundays” – Stefan Mross touched

The Zillertaler Haderlumpen have been inspiring the German-speaking folk music world since 1987, but even the best of times must come to an end: Because Vitus, Peter and Reinhard want to concentrate on their family commitments in the future, as the trio did with “Immer wieder Sundays” (all broadcast dates are 18 . Season with Stefan Mross) revealed that the group is currently playing their last shows.

Pop star Stefan Mross on
Confusion with “Always Again on Sundays”: In the middle of his conversation with the Zillertaler Haderlumpen, Stefan Mross was disturbed by loud laughter from the ranks © Screenshot/ARD/Always Again on Sundays

In Rust, people chatted openly with Stefan Mross about the more than three decades in which the Haderlumpen matured into a fixture of folk music. The “Always Again on Sundays” presenter also played a significant role for the Austrians, and even took the group with him on his tour to the show. They thanked him and said that “getting to know him as a friend” was one of their career highlights.

Loud laughter disturbs Stefan Mross – unrest in the “Always Sundays” audience

But after the Zillertaler Haderlumpen were loudly applauded and cheered for their work several times, suddenly broke out loud, resounding laughter in the middle of the conversation with Stefan Mross, which interrupted the moderator in the middle of a sentence – he didn’t understand himself what had caused the interruption: “What are you laughing at?”, asked the pop star (the greatest German pop singer of all time) and added a little puzzled: “Did something happen? No? It’s all ok?”

A background noise had already been heard from the “Always Sundays” audience, which the moderator initially ignored. What exactly caused the laughs was not shown on television. Incidents like these are simply part of a live show – just like breakdowns: Already in the previous episode, Joey Heindle chatted Anna-Carina Woitschack in the middle of the moderation – because his microphone was switched on too early! Sources used: Again and again on Sundays (ARD, episode of June 26, 2022)

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