What Destiny 2’s Great Iron Banner rework has to bring next season

While we don’t know much about the next season of Destiny 2 in the post-Witness era, we do know that a major Iron Banner overhaul comes into play, effectively the vendor’s last major overhaul, with Saladin refusing to give up his tokens so far.

I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to see from an Iron Banner rework, and I have a few points that come to mind. We probably won’t see all of them, but others are all but guaranteed.

A story by Valus Forge/Caital – Okay, so I don’t need that entire storyline of the season, but I think it would be cool if there was a backdrop to the Iron Banner rework considering we just had a big storyline with Saladin. Now he is Valus Forge and serves on Caiatl’s War Council and we know he brought Iron Banner to the Cabal and has his Iron War Beasts there. Would like to go into that a little more.

A compromise on the new Iron Banner armor – It’s probably asking too much to ask for another new Iron Banner armor set to come with this revamp since it hasn’t been a year since we last got one (that was August 2021). But I’ll make you a deal. Take the Iron Banner ornaments you already have and turn these in armor sets. These were available for a painfully short time years ago and lazybones like me never got them and have no way of getting them now. It’s like a free armor set that just sits there and you can easily turn the ornaments into an actual set for the occasion.

A better Iron Banner origin perk – At this point, I think it’s pretty much accepted that the Iron Banner origin perk is currently the worst in the game. It only works during Iron Banner, it only works when you’re hunting, and it’s just absurdly situational to the point of uselessness. It’s powerful, sure, but I’d rather have something that works the entire time rather than 0.01% of the time I’m using the weapon.

An Iron Banner title – Bungie has essentially already confirmed that this is happening, we just have to learn the actual title name and the requirements, which I think should be less intense than, say, Unbroken or Flawless, but we’ll see. I don’t know if it will be “Iron Lord”. My current bet is “Wolfsbane”.

Crafting/focusing Iron Banner weapons – So, I like the engram focusing system that we have now with Trials, but with this advent of crafting it stands to reason that in the future we should also be able to craft a roster of Iron Banner weapons as Bungie is getting pretty involved seems to be building this system. I wish I could both Options in the maps that would be a wild departure from token spamming to farm weapons under the current system, one of the worst in the entire game. Enhanced Iron Reach and the like would theoretically be good additions too.

Adept Iron Banner Weapons – I haven’t fully figured out a system for this yet, but I think maybe something like the long, convoluted quests that Iron Banner had before could end up in an Adept version of a weapon, rather than an armor set and normal drops like this used to. Adept weapons have two sources of PvE, GMs and Raids, so why shouldn’t PvP have two sources? Trials and Iron Banner.

Ascendant Alloy Rewards – When Trials reward Ascendant Shards, have Iron Banner reward Ascendant Alloy, the new weaponcrafting material. Our sources for this are extremely limited at the moment, one per week from the vendor and drops from two witch queen activities, so I’d like to see that expanded.

Kill this one stupid bounty forever – Given that the Trials rework still had bonuses, I assume Iron Banner will too. Death to Iron Banner’s “Ability Kill” bounty, truly one of the most annoying the game has ever seen. The others can stay.

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