What happened to MissQGemini on Twitch? Infamous CSGO cheating drama ‘Clara’ explained

Arguably the most notorious case of cheating in online gaming is MissQGemini’s CS:GO wallhacks streamed live. This moment was cemented as a prime example of cheating, made famous by her claim that it was the fault of “Clara” – a mysterious friend.

Cheating in multiplayer games will always be a problem as long as cheat makers try to capitalize on dishonorable players’ desire to defeat opponents with wallhacks, aimbots, or other means to gain an unfair advantage.

Although the developers will take steps to implement anti-cheat and ban players who cheat, eradicating them completely is almost impossible. But the boldest cheaters will even be livestreaming their gameplay – providing an opportunity to be caught in the act.

The poster child of this exact scenario is MissQGemini, real name Haley Germaine, a streamer who blatantly hacked while playing competitive CS:GO on Twitch, spawning the now-familiar “Clara” meme.

Pull out

MissQGemini has been spotted enabling cheats on the stream.

What does “Clara” mean?

In June 2012, MissQGemini streamed a CS:GO match on Inferno. Just before the first round begins, she opens her hacking software and activates a pre-made cheating profile, which activates wallhacks.

As she continued playing, not realizing that her stream viewers could clearly see the cheats on her screen, it suddenly dawned on her when the chat pointed this out and she immediately panicked. First, refer to a weird glitch that “shows everyone’s rank”.

This is where “Clara” was born. We still have no idea if Clara is even a real person, but according to MissQGemini, her friend had been playing on her PC and downloaded the cheats. “This is what happens when you let other people use your PC. I can’t trust them.”

Since that moment, Clara has become something of a meme in the gaming community. Whenever a player is accused of cheating or appears to be cheating, people will joke that Clara is to blame.

Of course, Clara may not even be a real person.

What happened to MissQGemini?

Unsurprisingly, MissQGemini’s CS:GO account was banned by VAC for cheating. It is also reported that she was banned from Twitch, but only for 24 hours, and then renamed her account to “TheDjinnn”.

Since the scandal, MissQGemini has effectively stopped streaming altogether and has very little online presence.

She still has a YouTube channel called “Thawty”, although she has only posted a few videos playing Rainbow Six Siege and has less than 100 subscribers at the time of writing. Her last upload was in 2019.

Clara’s Legacy and Deceit

This is far from the only scenario in which streamers accidentally come out as scammers. With the rapid rise of scams in Warzone, for example, many streamers have been accused and confirmed as hackers, often with their own broadcasts debunking them.

In March 2022, a Warzone streamer deliberately set up a “monitor cam” to dispel allegations of cheating – only for the camera to clearly show wallhacks in action. Maybe Clara was on her guard again.

Countless streamers have also responded to the infamous Clara clips, with complications from the most embarrassing cheating moments captured on stream.

Twitch now has strict penalties for streamers who cheat in multiplayer games, often resulting in a permanent ban for even a first-time violation.

Other forms of cheating, such as Other tactics, such as stream sniping, can also be banned, but are often treated with more leniency than wallhacks or aim bots.

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