What the first major patch of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has to bring

I still play Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, one of the few games I own where I can A) turn on my loot shooter and B) actually pause the game with a newborn. As a result, I spent a lot of time in Chaos Dungeons, which is pretty much the only endgame activity in the smaller Borderlands outing.

The good news is…they’re pretty awesome! I generally like the format of Chaos Dungeons better than many of the endgame activities in past Borderlands games, largely because they actually give you multiple lives as a solo player. But as with any 1.0 version of anything, I think Wonderlands could improve it in a few different ways in an upcoming patch.

1. Enemy Density – I would say that enemy density is a pretty big issue on at least half of the maps as it can feel like running around trying to find even single enemies instead of being bullied by them. This was an issue in the Overworld Dungeons story campaign and it stays here. It is not everyone Map, I’ve found that maps with a lot of trolls and crab creatures are quite hostile, but especially if we’re talking about skeletons or zombies or pirates, it’s a lot harder to find.

2. Dying after the last enemy – This is a classic Borderlands issue, but particularly annoying in Chaos Dungeons. If you die at the same time as the last enemy to a lingering DOT or an explosive barrel or whatever, you’ll have to burn a life to respawn and get your prize. The game needs to be able to register when enemies are no longer alive and automatically revive them from there. It happens, I swear, practically once per run.

3. Kill enemies with melee damage – This modifier is so irritating on non-melee builds that I don’t even bother. Between great damage from spells and weapons, and elemental incendiary damage, finding just the right moment to pop enemies before they otherwise die gets exhausting, and since you’ll have to do it about 90% of the time you kill the target to achieve, there is little room for error.

4. Feeding the flame – If you have to manually press the loot button to pick up a flaming ball, accidentally try to pick up ammo or other dropped loot over time instead of grabbing the thing you want. This should be an automatic pickup when you drive over it.

5. Sacred Ground – This modifier combined with the lack of enemy density in many levels only makes for really slow, boring sessions when you are sitting in the pool and usually you are waiting for enemies to come at you one by one. Again, almost all enemies from the pool must be killed to qualify. It’s not this one difficult just boring per se.

6. Bad Modifiers – Some of the Dragonlord modifiers need editing. Anything that creates a “pool” of elemental damage needs serious mitigation as it’s almost an autokill even if it’s medium difficulty Magma. Modifiers like 75% less elemental or critical damage are just boring like they were in BL3 and do nothing except increase the time of runs for no reason. The same goes for Nullify, but to a lesser extent. I think they’ve fixed BL3’s Spectral Vengeance enough to be less annoying since the death skull isn’t as tanky.

7. Balance mini bosses and bosses – The difficulty of these bosses and mini-bosses has little logic throughout. The Obelisk level can spawn a type of elemental imp that has three elemental shields and is one of the hardest enemies to hit I’ve seen in the entire game. Meanwhile, some of the final bosses can be burned in seconds, while others have around eight non-skippable damage stages.

8. The last loot pools – I’ve said this before, but once you start getting a significant amount of crystals, dropping them into the loot selector creates a jumble of items on the floor that’s almost impossible to sort through, especially if you’re looking for a specific purple one. Yes, sorting floor loot is a Borderlands “staple,” but boss kills at least spread the drops a little. Due to the way the loot wells work here, trying to get something into a slot will place everything within a 3 square foot radius in the same spot on the ground, it’s exhausting.

9. Buff like any weapon – What I find is that while a few weapons stand out clearly, like my Stabbomancer’s liquid cooling pistol, there is an absurd amount of weapons that are severely underpowered at higher Mayhem levels. It’s not uncommon for Gearbox to polish a massive list of weapons at once, and this is no different.

That’s all I have for now, feel free to add your own.

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