What to do first in Elden Ring: Best route, weapons and key map locations

The world of Elden Ring is by far From Software’s largest, and that can make it very confusing. This is true even if you’re used to how the studio’s games are usually structured. Yes, there are rays of light to guide you somewhat, but the open world of Elden Ring is so vast and full of hidden areas that you can access it without a few tips what to do first in Elden Ring, you can easily get lost and be destroyed by a mob of very powerful monsters. However, use these tips and life will be a lot easier.

Visit the Church of Elleh

The floating gold dust at your first mercy location will drive you in that direction anyway, but make sure to visit the Church of Elleh as soon as possible. It is a convenient base for most of your activities in West Limgrave and the center for a number of important events. Just make sure you give the Tree Sentinel a wide berth unless you’re lucky. This boss is better tackled after you upgrade your weapon once or twice.