When will Schumacher's future be clear? - Bark Sedov
When will Schumacher’s future be clear?

When will Schumacher’s future be clear?

When will Schumacher’s future be clear?

3:05 p.m

Schumacher on the contract: “Talks are ongoing every day”

It is currently not clear whether Schumacher will continue at Haas in 2023. Compared to ‘Sky’ he emphasizes that the focus is on the current season. You want to “try to keep collecting points and deliver our best race.”

“Conversations then take place in the background, but if there is anything to announce, I will let you all know,” says Schumacher, who expects that this will “probably only be the case after the summer break”.

“During the summer break it will go into more detail,” said Schumacher about his talks with the team. This means that no decision can be expected in the next two months.

4:48 p.m

The departure of Stroll …

.. is here again in the video. Incidentally, the only crash in FT1, which of course can also be explained by the fact that there was hardly any driving. That should change soon in FT2.

Because the teams now have to catch up on all the work from the first training session, there should be 60 packed minutes. Hopefully without major interruptions…

4:39 p.m


Small update before the start of FT2: Formula 3 qualifying has just taken place at Silverstone – on a dry track. So it looks good that we’re about to experience dry Formula 1 practice as well.

On the other hand: In FT1, the rain only started a few minutes before the start… So let’s just wait and see.

4:30 p.m

Pedal camera in action

Before FT1, we had already announced the new pedal camera that was to be tested at Norris. Here you can see them in action. Personally, though, I think it doesn’t add much value for viewers.

4:17 p.m

Boos against Verstappen

After a short break we’ll report back in the ticker, because in less than 45 minutes FT2 is already coming up. Hopefully in better weather – and hopefully without booing against Verstappen.

The Dutchman got it yesterday at the track. “It’s never nice when a driver is booed,” says his team boss Christian Horner on ‘Sky’ and explains that it was above all “unusual”.

Because normally the British fans are not like that. “But you know what? He accepts that,” reveals Horner and adds: “Lewis is her favorite driver here.” But the Red Bull home game in Austria is already coming up next week.

And there he expects a lot of support for the world champion from the stands.

3:43 p.m

Krack: Want to take another step

The Aston Martin team boss spoke to ‘Sky’ about the goals for this weekend. “We have a few parts with us that should take us a step forward. However, as you can see, every team has an update here,” he recalls.

“We’re trying to constantly improve. I think we’ve done quite well in the last few races. We’re trying to do it again here. But we also have to be realistic,” warns the team boss.

“We now had a couple of tracks that suited us. That’s also the reason why we said we absolutely have to do better for Silverstone, because it’s a different track characteristic,” said Krack.

At Aston Martin, too, they are hoping for dry conditions in the afternoon, but: “We believe it will continue in the same way. So it could well be that we have something like that in free practice 2,” warns Krack.

3:34 p.m

AD: Formula 1 and more live on Sky!

A full program this weekend, because in addition to Formula 1, the junior series Formula 2 and Formula 3 and the W series are also at the start at Silverstone. And you can be there live with Sky everywhere!

Only there you can get all races of all series live! No subscription yet? Inform here!

3:22 p.m

New engine for Schumacher

There are also several new drive parts in this race – but so far no penalties. So Schumacher got his third combustion engine, MGU-H and MGU-K. He has now reached the permitted maximum everywhere.

The same applies to Zhou, who also got a new turbo. Turbo, MGU-H and MGU-K are new at Sainz, and Bottas is also getting a new MGU-K. What is striking: All four drivers are Ferrari drivers.

3:14 p.m

Horner: Had to save tires

“It was a bit frustrating not to do more laps,” says the Red Bull team boss after FT1 on ‘Sky’. He explains that in the end you just had to save on tires because you will need them later in the – hopefully dry – FT2.

“Hopefully the next session will be a little better,” says Horner, who reveals that Verstappen actually didn’t want to drive in FT1. The world champion was of the opinion that the risk of damaging the car was too great.

“You always learn something,” says Horner, however, which is why both Red Bull drivers were on the track again in the end. And luckily, they didn’t fare like Stroll…

3:00 p.m

FT1: Closing time

And that was it for the first practice, the session ended with a red flag after Stroll took off. He had tried it on slicks.

Meanwhile, Mick Schumacher explains to ‘Sky’ that the biggest problem was that “a large part of the track” was already dry, but another was still “soaking wet”.

Let’s hope there are better conditions in FT2 in two hours. There is hope that in the end at least some drivers tried it again on slicks.

In any case, as usual, here is the FT1 overview:



Photos: F1: British Grand Prix (Silverstone) 2022, Friday

2:49 p.m

FT1: final phase

Hamilton took pity and drove out again – again on intermediates, because the rain has started again in the meantime. So we won’t get much action on the track here.

It’s about to go into the last ten minutes and only the local hero is on the track. There’s a lot of work waiting for all teams in FT2…

2:38 p.m

FT1: The clock is ticking

Still silence on the way. And expert Jenson Button explains to ‘Sky’ that he is not sure if anyone will drive in FT1 again. He doesn’t expect the track to dry out that quickly.

And that’s exactly the problem: While some areas are already dry, others are still far too wet for slicks. And the last 20 minutes are about to start. So far a session for the bin.

2:35 p.m

Vettel helmet stuck

We still have time for some off-track stories. Because nobody drives anymore. Vettel actually had a special helmet for this race – but it’s currently stuck at customs.

That’s why he’s now driving with his standard design.

2:26 p.m

FT1: Little going on

Only Schumacher, Bottas and Hamilton are currently on the track and only eight drivers have even set a time. But now the sun is out. Presumably everyone was off until the track was dry enough for slicks.

Let’s see how long that takes. “Half time” in FT1 is already equal.

2:17 p.m

Seidl: Things should go better at Silverstone

On the track, the action (in the truest sense!) trickles straight ahead. Instead, we want to hear how team boss Andreas Seidl assesses McLaren’s chances at the weekend.

“This is definitely a track that should suit us better compared to Montreal,” he told Sky, adding: “We still have a car that’s capable of driving in the top 10 and with to fight against teams like Alpine, Aston Martin or Alfa Romeo.”

“We’re still fourth in the constructors’ championship, which is a great result for us after the first nine races,” recalls Seidl, who also admits that McLaren has “not been consistent enough” so far.

“We had good weekends in Melbourne, Imola with the podium, also in Monaco, where we were partly at the level of the Mercedes team. But then unfortunately we also had weekends like now in Montreal,” said Seidl.

The main goal for the second half of the season is therefore “that we simply bring more consistency into the results, which will hopefully be enough for us to be able to defend fourth place until the end of the year,” said Seidl.

2:03 p.m

FT1: Intermediates

After all, the four Mercedes and Ferrari drivers go out straight away. The rain today is doubly annoying because many teams have (big) updates with them. Of course you want to check them. And it doesn’t help if the track is wet…

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