Whoopi Goldberg calls on British royals to apologize for empire and slavery

American chat show host Whoopi Goldberg has called on the British royal family to apologize for the British Empire and its role in the slave trade.

Caryn Johnson, who uses the stage name Whoopi Goldberg, called on royals to atone for historic British colonialism and accused Britain of running “ram shod”. [sic] about India for years.”

“Let’s not forget as we talk about what needs to happen, all the people who need to apologize,” Goldberg told the audience The view.

Goldberg went on to falsely point out that Prince Charles had previously apologized for slavery during his trip to Barbados in November 2021, claiming it was his way of “releasing Britain’s hold on Barbados”.

Although the Prince of Wales acknowledged “the appalling atrocity of slavery”, he made no apology for it, reports GB News – perhaps not surprising given he was born in 1948, well over 100 years after abolition.

The 66-year-old chat show host’s comments come after Prince William and his wife, while visiting the island nation as part of a royal tour to celebrate the Queen’s platinum jubilee, faced protests calling for the removal of Queen Elizabeth II as Jamaica’s head of state.

The protesters held up provocative anti-royal signs, including messages such as “Go back home”, “Princesses and princes in fairy tales…do not belong in Jamaica”, “Apology” and called for redress.

Members of the Caribbean island’s Rastafarian community also accused the royals of profiting from the “blood, tears and sweat” of the Jamaican people – despite Britain having given tens of millions of pounds worth of grants to Jamaica only since 2017.

Interviewed by the presenter of Breitbart London GB News Calvin Robinson berated Goldberg for her comments.

“Critical Race Theory is a divisive, toxic ideology that fuels racial tensions. It’s a self-perpetuating cycle of hate. The worst thing is that you can never be too awake – these theories force people to attack themselves and others,” said Robinson.

“Take Whoopi Goldberg for example, clearly not her real name. Under CRT rules, Caryn Elaine Johnson culturally appropriated a Jewish name. Should she apologize for her ‘white supremacy’?” suggested Robinson.

“Aren’t we a little tired of celebrities and their virtue signals? Didn’t Whoopi learn her lesson the last time she got involved in politics and ended up apologizing for her anti-Semitism?”

Goldberg was suspended from ABC for two weeks after making an outlandish remark in which she said the Holocaust’s extermination of six million Jews was “not about race.”

“Let’s face it, the Holocaust isn’t about race, it’s not. It’s about man’s inhumanity to man, that’s what it’s about. These are two groups of white people,” Goldberg said in what some saw as an attempt to lessen the suffering faced by the Jewish people because of their perceived status as “white.”

Luke Dohertythe head of the Orthodox Conservatives Group think tank, told Breitbart London that Goldberg’s “criticism of the royal family on the issue of slavery” is “a boring and tiresome virtue that signals a tirade”.

“It reflects the madness of the postmodern decolonization lobby and its obsession with punishing people in the present for crimes and indiscretions of the past. No one living today is materially responsible for slavery; and the mere fact of being related to someone who was does not justify this type of attack,” Doherty added.

Indeed, Britain played a key role in eradicating the slave trade worldwide after abolishing it in 1807, paying a heavy price in money and lives to arm the Royal Navy’s anti-slavery squadron West Africa and later drive out the Barbary corsairs from North Africa – that for hundreds of years had primarily hunted European seafarers and coastal communities – on heel.

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