‘Woke Mob is never satisfied’: Amber Athey calls media outlets after being fired for ‘racist’ tweets

Amber Athey, editor of The Spectator’s Washington and former reporter for the Daily Caller, called out Cumulus Media, the parent company of radio station WMAL, for firing her over a series of tweets on Tuesday.

Athey, a former co-host of “O’Connor & Company,” was fired by company vice president Jeff Boden and vice president of human resources Kriston Fancellas on March 9 after receiving waves of backlash from left-wing activists a tweet that mocked Vice President Kamala Harris’ pants suit.

“I wish there was more to this story because it’s so annoying, but I have a resignation letter that spells out in great detail that it’s actually about that tweet about Kamala Harris’ outfit, and I think what here what happened is that Cumulus thought… they could just make it all go away, they could get these few activist emails, they could appease the mob if they just fired me,” she said. “Well, the first flaw is that the awakened mob is never satisfied. They always want more scalps.”

“I firmly believe that we all have a duty to speak out when there is injustice in our society,” she continued.

Athey said “we live in a very perverse and sick society” that allows the Vice President of the United States to be the “marginalized victim” of a woman from a working-class background.

“Did you explain how racist it was that you weren’t impressed with her outfit? Did they get specific or did they just berate you and fire you?” Tucker Carlson, Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder, asked. (RELATED: Conservative radio hosts speak out after activists get colleagues fired)

“No, they just verbally abused me and fired me and I tried to defend myself but I wasn’t really given the opportunity and was told that in subsequent meetings about this situation they actually admitted they didn’t really thought the tweet was racist,” Athey said. “What really mattered to them was the perception that it was racist by these really malicious, dishonest, left-wing actors.”

After Athey sent the tweet about Harris, left-wing activists pointed to that tweet and subsequent posts in which she criticized protesters at the University of North Texas for advocating underage sex reassignment surgery. The protests were held against spokesman Jeff Younger, a father whose ex-wife insisted his son was a girl and should switch.

Athey detailed her firing in a Monday article for the Spectator, saying her resignation “destroyed the integrity and reputation of WMAL and Cumulus as hosts of conservative content.”

“That shows their racist intent. These are people who think of everything related to race. Nobody on the show knew this was going to happen,” Athey told the Daily Caller earlier Tuesday. “You’re just using it as a tool. People who claim to be interested in bigotry only weaponize it and use it to silence people with whom they politically disagree.”

WMAL radio hosts defied the company’s decision to fire her, calling it “out of control” and a “horrific mistake” on their Tuesday broadcasts.

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