World of Warcraft fans like Sylvana’s novel despite worries

World of Warcraft: Sylvanas by Christie Golden is available after several delays, and while it’s not perfect, for the most part, fans seem to be liking it.

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After several delays World of Warcraft could finally let go Sylvanas Novel written by Christie Golden. Despite concerns about some of the excerpts World of Warcraft released over a few plot points, fans are enjoying the story for the most part.

Sylvanas is a 400-page novel whose publication coincided with the book’s epilogue chapter, Judgment shadowlands Story about the fate of Sylvanas as determined by Tyrande Whisperwind. The novel, marketed as “the epic, definitive tale” of Sylvanas Windrunner, seeks to answer questions and tie up loose ends in the Banshee Queen’s tale.


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So far, fans have enjoyed much of what Golden has written regarding Sylvanas’ story World of Warcraft. The novel was able to delve deeply into the Windrunner family and introduced their father, Verath. Golden also explored Sylvanas’ relationship with her sisters and younger brother Lirath, who greatly influenced her life and death, as well as her relationship with the Nathanos, the Forsaken, and the Dark Rangers.

However, there are still problems with World of Warcraft: Sylvanas. Unfortunately, the scope of the novel is to explain her reasons for allying with the Jailer – the unpopular antagonist of shadowlands. Because of this, several sections of the book contain less popular passages that are inconsistent with other media. One example is where one of the jailer’s servants gets Sylvanas to empathize with his cause by showing her the injustice of the Shadowlands, and in another Anduin Wrynn tries to compare his own woes to hers, both of which are in bad taste left in the mouth of the reader .

Nevertheless it seems Sylvanas will go down in history as a good book despite its flaws. As an experienced writer for WarcraftGolden excels at creating atmosphere and bringing little character moments to life, which is particularly evident in the scenes from Sylvanas’ story. World of Warcraft was also able to have Patty Mattson, Sylvanas’ incredibly talented voice actor, speak the audiobook, which fans have hailed as one of the best parts of their experience with Sylvanas.

Like I said, it’s a shame Sylvanas arrives on the coattails of an expansion with mixed reviews as well shadowlands. Sylvanas has been an extremely popular character since her appearance in warcraft 3but much of her characterization has been irrevocably damaged by her recent actions – most notably the burning of Teldrassil in Battle for Azeroth. Although many fans will wonder how much better Sylvanas If these events had never happened, they could at least have seen the future World of Warcraft now that shadowlands is really done.

World of Warcraft is now available on PC.

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