WoW buffs tanks and (finally) nerfs Destruction Warlocks - Bark Sedov
WoW buffs tanks and (finally) nerfs Destruction Warlocks

WoW buffs tanks and (finally) nerfs Destruction Warlocks

WoW buffs tanks and (finally) nerfs Destruction Warlocks

A new round of balance changes is coming to World of Warcraft, and not only are there buffs for tanks, but there are also nerfs for Destruction Warlocks.

The balance in World of Warcraft is a constant up and down. No wonder, with 36 specializations, many different types of content and always new factors, such as animal sets, soul ties or pacts, some can get confused. Now comes a new series of new buffs, which should mainly help the two weakest tanks out of trouble and increase their DPS. But Warlocks can also “look forward” to a few buffs and a pretty drastic nerf.

So Blizzard buffs two tanks: druids and demon hunters

There are a few buffs for the tanks that are supposed to improve solo damage. Because druids and demon hunters in particular cause significantly less DPS in contrast to death knight, monk, paladin or warrior tanks. So that they are no longer so cut off, Blizzard has targeted the following changes:

  • Druid
    • Guardian
      • Mangle and Basic Attack damage increased by 10%.
  • Demon Hunter
    • revenge
      • The damage and healing of all abilities is increased by 3%.
      • Fracture and Shear damage increased by 20%.
      • Basic attack damage is increased by 10%.
WoW Demon Hunter Casting Shadowlands title 1140x445
Demon hunters do significantly more damage – even as a tank.

Warlocks get stronger – and weaker at the same time

There are clear buffs for Warlocks – especially for Affliction Warlocks, which were previously found at the lower end of the DPS lists. Destruction Warlocks also get buffs, albeit a really serious nerf to their tier set.

  • Sorcerer
    • infirmity
      • The damage of all abilities is increased by 5%.
    • destruction
      • (4) Setbous: Blasphemy no longer grants Chaos Rain.
      • Chaos Bolt’s damage is increased by 5% in PvE situations.
      • Burn’s damage is increased by 20%.
      • Immolate damage is increased by 20%.
      • Conflagrate damage is increased by 10% in PvE situations.

What’s the deal with the witcher nerf? While it looks like Chaos Sorcerers are getting a significant buff on paper, it’s arguably a nerf. Because the rain of chaos that blasphemy could bring with it ensured that additional infernal mbeasts could appear, which in turn generated even more soul shards. This provided absurd amounts of AoE damage, but could also be a powerful buff in single target situations. So that there is no disadvantage in such solo target cases, there are a few buffs for the associated spells.

However, the Destruction Warlock’s AoE damage has suffered drastically and the days of “infinite soul shards” should be over. This gives other classes a little more chance to play at the top of the AoE lists too…

When will the changes go live? With the upcoming maintenance on June 29, 2022. After the realms were restarted in the early hours of Wednesday morning, you should benefit from the adjustments – or suffer as a witcher.

What do you think of the changes? Good and useful adjustments? Or far too little to restore the balance?

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